Zappy Boi Is Not Dead and His Name Was Revealed


The standout star of the Battle for Azeroth intro cinematic was clearly everyone’s favorite shaman, Zappy Boi, and he may be featured in the Saurfang cinematic precisely for this reason (or Blizzard may have known he’d be a hit even sooner), but there have been some concerns that he’s the troll Anduin kills in the Battle for Lordaeron. We can all rest easy as many redditors and twitter…people… (tweeters? tweetors?) have made sure everyone knows that is not the case:

But in more important news, we also found out what Zappy Boi’s actual name is as well, thanks to Terran Gregory, in-game Cinematic Project Director :

And, as you’d expect:


And let’s check out Zappi Boi’s origins once more:


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