The 10 best tweets about DJ Khaled’s Grand Finals performance

I’ve been to a lot of live musical performances in my lifetime, and I can definitely say the DJ Khaled performance at the Overwatch League Grand Finals was by far the worst one I’ve ever witnessed. I think Khaled said “Overwatch” once, after looking at the floor at the giant logo he was dancing on. There was no mention of the teams, the game, or anything, really.

The performance should be categorized as a disaster. DJ Khaled said his “favorite word” is “another one,” for starters (hey, it’s actually two words), and for the majority of his nineteen minute performance he promoted his new single on iTunes, and told the crowd repeatedly to go buy it. When it came to actually hearing the new single… Well, we were “blessed” to hear about twenty seconds of it.

Because it’s 2018 and Twitter is Twitter, our timelines were blessed with some hilarious reactions about the awkward performance. Here are our top ten tweets about DJ Khaled’s cringe-worthy show:

10. With the live feed actually cutting to this kid in the crowd, this one wrote itself.

9. This was pretty much all you needed to know to understand what happened for nineteen minutes.

8. I mean… Where’s the lie?

7. Correct me if I’m wrong here, but in addition to this, I think he touched one knob while the other guy on stage did all the work.

6. *spits out drink*

5. I too believe DJ Khaled has no idea what Overwatch is.

4. This happened at least six times.

3. Quite frankly, if DJ Khaled did his research and said stuff like this, it’d be a semi-enjoyable performance.

2. I mean, this is a perfectly valid question.

1. And finally, this person who still can’t process what they saw.

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