Patch 8.0.1 Hotfixes: August 7th


The previously announced class tuning has arrived and bring with them some visual issues with Void Elf Heritage armor as well as some social fixes as well. The class tuning is actually more extensive than previously announced, and there’s some fixes in there as well that were not mentioned before, specifically for DKs, Druids, Mages, Monks and Warlocks .

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Appearances and Animations

  • Fixed display issues with Void Elf Heritage Armor and ShadowformShadowform with Glyph of ShadowGlyph of Shadow.
  • Isle of Conquest Airship Cannon’s ball of fire visual should again match the actual trajectory of the shot.


  • Mage

    • Arcane

    • Fire

      • Phoenix FlamesPhoenix Flames‘s single-target damage now correctly hits Totems and similar targets.
    • Frost

  • Paladin

    • Retribution

      • All damage abilities have been reduced 3%.
  • Rogue

    • Assassination

      • All damage abilities reduced 4%.
    • Outlaw

      • All damage abilities reduced 3%.
    • Subtlety

      • All damage abilities reduced 4%.
  • Warlock

    • Affliction

  • Warrior

    • Arms

      • All damage abilities increased 3%.

Creatures and NPCs

  • Myra Tyrngaarde was having some trouble understanding how to cross the bridges in Ironforge, but she’s been shown the correct path.


  • Fixed a bug preventing Guild ranks with invite permissions from properly inviting.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Guild and officer note updates to be delayed if the member was offline.
  • Fixed multiple bugs that caused some players to be unexpectedly removed from General and Trade chat channels.

Previous patch 8.0.1 hotfixes

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