Overwatch World Cup to feature every Overwatch map and utilize map selection

Team Canada coach Justin “Jayne” Conroy revealed that the Overwatch World Cup will utilize an open map pool this year, with every map in competitive play available for use in the tournament.

Jayne also revealed that the World Cup will also use map selection, allowing the losers of each map to pick the following map to be played in that series. Although Jayne said he was uncertain, he said he believed the selection would be limited to a “category” of maps, namely the Overwatch game modes: Control, Assault, Hybrid and Escort.

This map selection system is the same one currently used in Contenders, but was not used in Season One of the Overwatch League. While Contenders allows the loser of each map to pick the next in the series, Overwatch League always had predetermined maps for the entire series set at the beginning of each stage.

However, regardless of map selection, both Overwatch League and Contenders have not utilized an open map pool in the past. Each Overwatch League stage and Contenders season had a set map pool containing a few maps from each game mode. The Contenders teams who lost maps were only allowed to pick the following map from that restricted map pool for each game mode.

This is a huge change for the Overwatch World Cup, and will require much more preparation from each team. Instead of preparing for two or three maps for each game mode, teams will now need to be ready to play on any of the eighteen maps currently in competitive rotation.

This would also include Rialto, the most recent addition to the Overwatch map pool, which has been played in Contenders but has yet to be played in a Tier 1 tournament such as the Overwatch League or the World Cup.

The Overwatch World Cup begins with the South Korea Group Stage on August 18 at 8:00pm PDT.

The featured image for this post was provided by Robert Paul by Blizzard Entertainment.

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