London Spitfire win the first ever Overwatch League Grand Finals

The first ever Grand Finals in the Overwatch League presented us with a matchup we never saw coming – the Philadelphia Fusion versus the London Spitfire.

The Fusion came into the season as the unknown, as they did not participate in the preseason. Philadelphia got close to proving their skill, making it to the Stage Two Finals. The London Spitfire took the Stage One Finals from the New York Excelsior, and had a slump up until the semi-finals.

Fans all around the world were expecting both the New York Excelsior and the Los Angeles Valiant to make it to the Grand Finals, as they were the top two seeds. But Overwatch is a game of consistency and adaptability – things both the Fusion and Spitfire proved to excel in over others.

The London Spitfire took the first match of the Grand Finals 3-1, with Profit making an incredible play on Volskaya Industries to secure the win. Profit, as Tracer, got a clean kill on neptuNo, allowing him to get four other kills and make room for his team to secure the point.

Today, we saw more incredible professional Overwatch play. On Junkertown, we saw the Spitfire perform an incredible hold on the Fusion right before the final point. On their attack run, they quickly pushed through Philadelphia to take the first map win; London had 53 eliminations on Junkertown, while Philadelphia only had 27.

We then went to Lijiang Tower. We used to all mutter “London is garbage on Control,” but they put in the work to show they are anything but garbage on Control. On Night Market, the Spitfire didn’t let the Fusion get a single percentage built up. Then on Garden, the Spitfire yet again made an aggressive charge to take early control of the point, making it to 99% before Philadelphia was able to take control.

At 38% control [for the Fusion], London came back with a vengeance. They pushed Philadelphia off the point and took Lijiang Tower 2-0, proving they are the kings of Control.

It was time for King’s Row, and Philadelphia started with their attack run. Both teams started with a single support composition, with Boombox and Bdosin on Roadhog, and neptuNo and Nus on Mercy. Philadelphia took a quick take of Point A, but had some struggles getting to Point B.

They took Point B with 1:30 to complete. As the Fusion came around the corner, neptuNo went in to resurrect SADO and got killed, followed by Fury using a Self Destruct to kill two more players from the Fusion. London had no ultimates, so in Overtime, the Fusion were able to push the payload to completion.

It was London’s turn to attack, and the time to take Point A was running out. With just under two minutes left, the Spitfire switched to a triple-tank, triple-support composition. The lack of mobility (Reinhardt/Brigitte) and no resurrect forced London to reset, but with Birdring’s Graviton Surge, they were able to push Philly away, and push the payload to Point B with 2:18 to complete (thanks to Gesture’s incredible Earthshatter).

London completed King’s Row with 1:10 left on the clock to get one tick on Point A to win the Grand Finals. And, in what seemed like the blink of an eye, they did.

The featured image for this post was provided by Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment.

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