LAV: Noah Answers Your Questions | Reddit AMA

CEO Noah Whinston answers your questions about LA Valiant on the subreddit r/CompetitiveOverwatch.

Here are just some of the topics that were addressed in the AMA:

01:41 In-N-Out
04:38 Plans for Player Rotation
06:50 Overwatch League Schedule
09:52 What Makes A Good Coach
12:27 Noah’s Favorite Game
13:20 Reaction to Overwatch League Success
14:28 Envy and Unkoe “Fatigue”
16:26 Time Management Between Teams
18:00 Custa
20:50 Dr. Doug Gardner’s Role
23:03 Bunny and So0n
24:40 Repeating Roster Roles
27:42 Player Stagetime
29:05 Team Improvement
30:30 Language Barrier
31:57 Biggest Regret of the Season
34:11 Filming LA Valiant
36:45 Player Attention
39:20 Assistant Coach Stoop
40:54 Comparing OWL and LCS
44:31 OverSight
45:02 Player Geographic Representation
50:48 Video Content Process
52:52 In n Out Scene Controversy
57:45 Sister Team
58:57 New Team Environment
01:00:16 Agilities
01:01:08 Changes Toward Improvement
01:01:56 Unkoe’s Communication
01:05:00 Bunny on the Team
01:05:25 Soon on the Team
01:06:18 Coach Daemon
01:06:55 Learning from Other Teams
01:08:05 Players on Playtime

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