Get ready to cry like a big dumb idiot baby at this Andy Murray documentary

Hope y’all are ready for cry time. Because guess what? It’s cry time.

Amazon released its first trailer for Andy Murray: Resurfacing, its new documentary that traces Murray’s comeback from an extremely painful hip injury that threatened to end his career.

Murray is about as introspective an athlete as we have right now, and just from this clip you can tell that the filmmakers got excellent access. It’s out November 29 on Amazon.

Is it going to be predictable, with Murray faltering due to injury, confronting the end of his career, and then working his way back to Wimbledon? Yes, almost certainly. Will there be tons of awful tennis puns? Considering its title, and the fact that they reference “break point” in the trailer, you better believe it.

Will I still cry like a big dumb idiot baby for the entire thing? Absolutely.

Via OverwatchWire

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