Diablo III’s Darkening Of Tristram Anniversary Event Now Live

This has been an odd year for Diablo as a franchise, something developer Blizzard would surely agree with. Still, the release of Diablo III on Switch has made a lot of fans happy and those fans can participate in Diablo III’s anniversary event with the return of the Darkening of Tristram. 

Both Diablo veterans and newcomers can take part once again. Darkening of Tristram is a time-limited event that started in 2017 and has been on all other versions of Diablo III. The anniversary event brings forward a dungeon to Diablo III and takes players through the first 16 levels of the original Diablo, recreating monsters and treasures from the 1996 original.

Of course, being in a loot-driven game, the Darkening of Tristram brings loot with it that can only be found during the event. Blizzard warns that you’ll have to do a lot of poking around before you find what you’re looking for, however.

The anniversary event runs from now until the end of January, so you don’t have long. Best to pick up your Switch or other Diablo-playing device and get moving.

Via Game Informer – Source link

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