Battle for Stromgarde Active for the Horde


Horde players have now donated enough resources in the contribution phase to launch an assault on Arathi Highlands!

Unlocking Warfronts

If you’re not able to click the table and queue up for the battle, chances are you haven’t completed the introductory quest Touring the Front yet. Talk to Portal Master Druza Netherfang for a port to Arathi Highlands, complete the tour, and return to the Port of Zandalar (Back to Zuldazar). Turn in the second quest to unlock Warfront: The Battle for StromgardeWarfront: The Battle for Stromgarde.

Battle for Stromgarde

Starting today, NA Horde players are able to queue up for the Warfront for the next 7 days. Thok will have a quest for you Warfront: The Battle for Stromgarde that rewards Warfronts Equipment CacheWarfronts Equipment Cache (contains a piece of ilvl 370 gear) and 750 Artifact Power. Completing the Warfront yields an additional ilvl 340 piece of loot.


War is HellWar is Hell is the achievement you’ll get after completing the Warfront. The Alliance still controls the area and Horde will have to wait 7 days before they unlock the world boss and quests.

Gearing Up in Warfronts

You’ll receive a piece of ilvl 340 loot every time you complete the Warfront. We don’t know if this is intended at this time.

For more details check out our updated Warfronts guide.

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