Battle for Azeroth Live Developer Q&A Roundup: August 23rd


Game Director Ion Hazzikostas answered your BfA questions in the latest Live Developer Q&A today and we’ve got the highlights!

Q&A Highlights

  • Feral Druids had weak AoE damage in dungeons so they decided to address it. They’re not done with tuning yet.
  • Any plans on curbing back the PvE world mob scaling? They feel like damage sponges even above heroic dungeon ilvl? End-game outdoor world scaling has not changed in 15 months. Outdoor content remains far more relevant and rewards get better, so it makes sense to make mobs more powerful. In Legion, it prevented players from tapping mobs, because they died faster.
  • The power setback at 120 is noticeable and in new expansions, they’re looking for a system that would merge the open world relevance with a feeling that you don’t fly backwards as you level.
  • Scaling in the outdoor PvP caused some issues where lower level players have been dominating level 120 players. The problem was hotfixed last night.
  • Why did you remove auto-accept and searching for groups by addons? It created a huge gap between players who used addons and who didn’t. With Group Finder addons, the world quest experience is 90% travel time and 10% doing actual content. Rather than making world quest rewards suck, they decided to go with the worthwhile change.
  • Any plans to fix the Auction House on highly-population realms? It’s a hot topic right now, the AH infrastructure is old and the team is working to improve the search experience. They’re also planning to introduce deposits that will make listing single stacks more costly to encourage players to list more than a single stack of trade goods.
  • Moderation tools for Communities are coming in the next patch. You will be able to change public links etc. They don’t want to dictate how players use Communities.
  • Island Expeditions feel unrewarding after players complete the weekly quest and that’s fine, the quest pretty much tells you you’re done with Islands for the week. Individual Island runs rewarded less Azerite that intended and that was hotfixed recently. Island Expeditions still remain the best source of Artifact Power.
  • Azerite Armor will be tradeable next week after maintenance. Blizzard made them non-tradeable due to their complexity and social pressure. They explained in past Q&As that they don’t want players to abuse the system by look for the best possible Class/trait combination to loot a certain piece of Azerite Armor.
  • How does the Artifact Power catchup work in BfA? Next week, the amount of Artifact Power needed for your Heart of AzerothHeart of Azeroth to reach ranks is going to be reduced. No more billions of confusing Artifact Power like we’ve seen in Legion.
  • They are careful with War Mode rewards. They don’t want players to feel obligated to have it on.
  • The first Conquest reward will be a ilvl 340 weapon.
  • Any plans to reduce the amount of trash in THE MOTHERLODE!!? Not right now.
  • New models are coming for Goblins & Worgen, they’ll share more info when they are available.
  • Emissary rewards are randomly selected from a pool of options.

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