Altz UI for Battle for Azeroth


Altz UI is a lightweight user interface that has been recently updated for Battle for Azeroth. If you’re a fan of minimalistic and elegant user interfaces for WoW, Altz UI may be well worth a try!

Many of you keep asking which interface we use in our Youtube videos, so I decided to give you a short rundown of AltzUI.


  • Lightweight & minimalistic design – The extracted interface has ~18 MB and doesn’t cover up your screen with unnecessary black bars.
  • One-click install – The in-game setup will guide you through the installation process.
  • Easy customization – The in-game config has many categories to help you quickly go through all settings.



Before Installing

  • Don’t forget to back up or create a copy of your previous Interface folder. Renaming the folder to something like “Interface.Old” works too and saves a lot of hassle if you decide to switch back.

How to Install Altz UI:

  • Download Altz UI.
  • Locate your WoW Installation folder.

    • Example: D:GamesWorld of Warcraft
  • Extract the contents of the ZIP archive to your WoW/Interface folder. The extracted ZIP archive contains two folders: AddOns & Buttons.

    • Example: D:GamesWorld of WarcraftInterface
  • Log in to the game, make sure to check that you’re Addons are enabled, and follow the instructions to begin the setup process.
  • If you’ve got any questions about the UI, feel free to submit them here.

Complementary Addons

Here’s a list of addons that should be installed along with Altz UI for raiding/dungeons:

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